Business Model Mastery 1:1
(Phone / Zoom / Skype)
"Over the next 8 weeks I will personally mentor you to SERIOUSLY up-level your business savvy & coach you to THINK like an Entrepreneur!"
Here's what Sales Legend Brian Tracy (author of over 70 business books) has to say about the importance of understanding business models ...
The late great Jim Rohn said ...

"We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with"

... & who could argue with that?
If you can't be in the physical company of people who will inspire & motivate you, there are books, videos, trainings, phone coaching & other ways to be in their virtual company, learn from them & 'spend time' with them

Personal growth doesn't follow business growth - it's the other way around

Legions of people looking for ways to improve their business ... who haven't improved themselves in years

To have more YOU must become more

Become more valuable

I'm talking about the absolute need for Personal Development BEFORE Business Development

The absolute need to work harder on yourself  than on any business plan
Develop The OWNER Before The Business
I've got some real awesomeness to share with you & I'm SO excited about the whole idea I'm like a giddy kipper!
If the timing is right to make yourself more valuable & feel this program is the way forward - you'll know within 15 minutes
My Signature System - Business Model Mastery is a fun but in-depth journey we take together, by the end of which you WILL see the opportunities of life through the lens of an entreprenur

Business Model Mastery was birthed as a series of multi-day live events over 12 months and the investment to attend is £5k but this 8 week version is phone / Skype based & so is only a fraction of that ...
... BUT, you are still getting ME, in person, 1:1

Not a member of 'my coaching team' - me!
NOT a Business Opportunity
Please understand - this is NOT a business opportunity

You're not buying 'into' something here

In fact, you're buying your way OUT of something ... out of the black hole of uncertainty, frustration & self doubt that the modern 'guru maze' has gotten you into
So, I will not be selling you into any particular business. That would be like giving you the proverbial fish.

I WILL be revealing new ideas & options for you by mentoring you through a series of business 'realizations'
Get Some Clarity & Certainty
Right here, right now, I'm inviting you to dismiss all the blind alleys, set aside all the shiny objects and fancy software & FINALLY tread a confidentpath with me, towards a future you understand ...

The internet, just like the real world, USUALLY rewards MASTERY and punishes the jack of all trades mentality

There are untold legions of people like this, all over the world. Let’s call them Jacks
Jacks are people who’ve learned just enough about one thing to allow them to go 'green grassing' to another thing ... But no Mastery
Internet = Distraction, so without a clear vision of what success looks like & what you're trying to get done, you'll get pulled every which way
Inbox overload.  Links to Shiny Objects.  Distraction. No progress!
Jacks are busy but not 'productive' - as in not producing anything ... all they do is consume
We need to stay consistent & give things enough time to work out, & for that you need vision of what success looks like for you & how you are going to get there – because without that vision you WILL get pulled into somebody else’s vision
Overwhelm is just a FEELING

What you are feeling is - "I’ve taken in too much information that I’ve done nothing with" (over consumption)
What is it going to be worth to you to have a process for moving from paralysis in your life to real 'movement'? When we live in a society that is based on the ideals of continual improvement and progress, one of the most crucial experiences is to feel that you, yourself, are progressing too
What is it worth to you to finally start moving quickly from a sense of confusion, isolation, and powerlessness to one of clarity, confidence, and capability?

Our world today offers many conveniences, pleasures, and benefits, but making this kind of personal transformation is more valuable than all of them
What is it worth to you to achieve an ongoing simplicity in a world of escalating complexity?

The pace of technological change is increasingly causing changes in every area of life. The ability to always be focused and simple in this world is an extraordinary advantage
And, what is it worth to you to have an evolving personal framework for always being clear about your most important tasks & personal truths?

In a confusing world with billions of external answers competing for your attention, how valuable is it to you to have a growing ability to be certain of your own self-created answers?
Here's what a few people have said after speaking with me ...
"... helped me look at things in a completely different light. It’s difficult to quantify the true value and wisdom in what you taught me today, but potentially you have saved me years, which is priceless. Now I am thinking in a totally different direction. Actually between you and I, I am quite literally buzzing" ~ Jonathan De Mille
"... a string of EUREKA moments! I have no doubt the insights you past on have saved me years of wasted time and thousands of pounds ... that missing ingredient why 95% of people fail in business ventures" ~ Lem Prime
"... invaluable unique & elegant ideas, coaching & mentoring over the years. Your unique insights into my industry give me a focus & clarity I simply can’t get anywhere else" ~ Alex W Thomas
" ... opened my eyes. The true value of one phone call with David really has been immeasurable. Months of confusion and frustration made clear and finally a real understanding of the direction I needed to be going in. David, you’ll never know how beneficial your time has been to me and my business" ~ Ben Doyle
" ... switched my mindset to a completely different way of thinking" ~ Janette Cass
" ... wow! I would never have thought of this business method in a month of Sundays ... I’ve never seen a plan like that" ~ Dave Evans
"I don’t think I could have achieved the success I have without David’s kind advice and guidance" ~ Nick Evans
"... information I would never have thought about" ~ Mary Shand
"... so many different ideas that had never crossed my mind" ~ James Eastwood
"What you disclosed to me was a real eye opener, and armed with this new found knowledge I feel even more confident of success" ~ Stephen Berger
"... put me on the right path at last after over 2 years of struggling" ~ Graham Harrison
"... opened a door for me to provide a far better future for my family ... thank you for telling me what no one else would, with sincerity and positivity" ~ Mark Taylor
"The information and advice you gave me turned out to be of exceptional personal value ... full of ‘AH-HA’ penny dropping moments" ~ Mark Brown
"... you have just rekindled a spark back into my life" ~ Rob Waugh
"... this is an eye opener for me and I must say I am enjoying every minute of it" ~ Paul Ellis
"... the advise you gave me has changed the way I look at my business" ~ Kelera Peacock
... and dozens more if you're interested HERE

When you read those kind words, you will notice a theme

It's one of ... revalation  

I live for those moments (usually on the phone) when the other person 'gets' an elegant idea and we both bristle, silently, understanding something has just shifted, forever

If you are over 40, you are increasingly having 'quiet conversations' with yourself

Conversations about missing out, staying unfulfilled, being stuck & feeling uncomfortable at the thought you may never be, do or have any of lifes delicacies that, frankly, you know could & should so easily be yours by now (at least some of them, right?)
Hell, You're Not Asking A Lot
Fact is, you're not asking a lot from the universe

One of the benefits of getting older is you get a better, clearer picture of what you're no longer bothered about AND what WOULD make you happy
And let's be honest ... it's not a big ask is it? You likely don't want a mansion & a yacht, right?
But asking is one thing & getting is another ... & I venture you're not getting
Clearer Vision = Move Faster
So, you know what you want ... and in the big scheme of things its not really a lot is it?

The problem is, you do NOT have a clear plan of action to get what you want

No certainty or clarity about the future

Imagine you are driving & its very foggy & raining HARD ... So you're anxious & driving sloooooowly
But WHY are you anxious & moving slowly?
Because you simply can't see whats in front of you. It's really hard to visualise more than a few feet beyond the 'bonnet of next week' so you have to crawl along, mile after mile, month after month
My point?
The further ahead you can clearly see, the faster you can go with enthusiasm ... and without anxiety!
That's what Entrepreneur School is all about - CLARITY and CERTAINTY
Hey, this isn't for everyone. But if you've already been trying  to figure out what you're missing (& probably have been for some time) Entrepreneur School is for you
The clocks are ticking

They're getting louder aren't they?
Fact: Not knowing what I know is costing you

Every day, every month, every year that flies by
If you have a lot of knowledge and experience in your line of work and things still seem to be more difficult than they ought to be, you need to hear what I have to say

Maybe you do have business knowledge but that isn't really producing more take-home income and the autonomy you desire

I have insights & answers
If you spend most of your day with a tension in your gut, or you have ever felt a (not so) distant sense of dread without really knowing why, let's you & I talk
You can FEEL that what you are missing is obviously significant, but you also have a feeling that ... it isn't something HUGE either!

At some level you know deep down there is no 'secret of the ancients revealed only to the inner circle' - more likely a few elegant ah-ha 'revelations' that all entrepreneurs have accepted as truth at some stage & now live by
Theres a life-changing quote from Marianne Williamson that goes like this ...
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us"

You KNOW it's true ...

You have powers of various sorts that you HABITUALLY fail to use
Becoming Entrepreneurial
With my help, you will start to comfortably own the right to call yourself an entrepreneur because, despite any fear of feeling foolish, despite any fear you can't do it & despite the fear of time running out - you will know what can be done - armed with a newly astute awareness of needs currently unmet 'out there' - which frankly are all around us if only you could 'see' them
What I'm offering you here is revelation, clarity & certainty ... and I'm deliberately avoiding 'hard pitching' you because, if the timing is right for you to value my message, you'll know it, you'll feel it in your gut
I think I can be sure when I say you are (still) stuck on an island called Pain - & have been for quite some time, right?
Watching others every day who appear to be making it work. Every month some new 22 year old 'kid' making 6 figures etc etc blah blah
Well - I have a boat! A boat which will take you from Pain island to the island called Certainty - & this program is your ticket on that boat!

But here's the thing ...
You quite rightly don't give a shit what the boat looks like, because you are not buying the frikkin' boat

What you need is the journey, the transformation, the outcome & the growth
This is your chance to be mentored by me personally, to think more like an entrepreneur, forever
"At 71 years old, David’s signature system, Business Model Mastery, was instrumental in taking me from struggling to pay my utility bills to now living in a €1.4 Million Spanish villa with over $10,000 a month in digital sales. I owe my entire online financial success and independence to taking his advice. I am NOT getting any piece of this, I am not repaying any favour - I just want YOU to know, that amongst all the shite of the internet, Dave has been solely responsible for giving me an independent income each month. Dave Shillito saved my financial life, and gave me an incredible regular income online. And feel free to check me out, email me, I'm real!" ~ Dave Litten 
"How the mind is fed shapes the life that's led"  ... & I will feed your mind two fruits ...
1) Knowledge - you know, 'news you can use' - Strategies, tactics & ideas you've never thought of. Useful insights like how to make offers so you DON'T need amazing salesletters! In fact, you will graduate with enough solid knowledge to set up as a consultant if that floats your boat, because this is not about 'tricks of the trade' - this is the trade itself
2) Understanding - 'ah-ha' moments about business & life - because lets face it, to we entreprenurs, business IS life. (In the future, when dealing with others, you will be able to ask & answer questions with words you never imagined would come out of your mouth)
And I will pull apart a few 'sacred cows' ... and as I do - you will understand, forever, what simply slips right by millions of otherwise intelligent people
So Let's Get Going
When you get to the bottom of this page, there are no forms to fill out asking you to sell me on why the timing is right for you
I won't be forcing you into a 'strategy session' on the phone where I can 'close' you on the deal 'if we are a fit'
Not at this price
Business Model Mastery is Unique ... & I believe the best in the world ... but only for anyone willing & able to invest in it ... if the timing is right
When it came to putting a 'price' onto this 'incarnation' of Business Model Mastery ... I was a bit, err, stuck because, well, there's nothing to compare it to - but what I CAN tell you, is this ...
I have personally invested over six figures & many, many years to acquire the information, insight & wisdom I will be revealing to you
I've spent fortunes over the years, travelling many thousands of miles, to soak up just a small part of what you & I will be covering in Entrepreneur School
Just ONE example ... I spent $16,000 on a 3 day mastermind intensive with ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson at his offices in Boise, Idaho (Chris Farrellwas there) ... and I will be revealing to you everything I learned in that room
How It Works
If this is for you & you are ready to become more valuable, we will speak on the phone or Zoom or Skype for one hour (probably more once I'm in flow) usually at the same time & day every week for 8 weeks (we start when you are ready)
The investment (in yourself) for this 1:1 version of Business Model Mastery is £997 which is 100% tax deductible by the way (training)
This is the lowest investment at which anyone has ever been mentored by ME personally, 1:1 for this kind of material over multiple weeks
Remember, this is NOT group coaching with "one of my team" - this is you & me 1:1

You will get a dedicated private email address for any questions between sessions
I am willing & able to travel to Leeds, can sessions be done in person?
Possibly YES - If I'm available & actually in Leeds, that might be arranged! (2 hours min)
If I want, can I book double sessions (two hours)?
YES - subject to my schedule that may be possible
Is there a guarantee?
YES! - But it's not a 'money back' guarantee. Look, I am revealing hard won IP (Intellectual Property) here that I've spent decades (and well over six figures) acquiring ... AND my time to deliver it, neither of which I can get back.

If, after everything I've said & having read all my testimonials you are still not convinced you will get unbelievebale value, please, don't get involved as this isn't for you

But get this - here's what I DO Promise ...
By the time you 'graduate' from my 'Entrepreneur School of Bad Assery' - you will have an idea for a market-ready offer that you can use your new found marketing chops to promote

Oh, and this won't be some piddly little $37 ebook thing either - each time YOU make a sale let's make sure you pocket about £1000! Sound good?
Here's exactly what you'll get with this Business Model Mastery 1:1 Phone / Zoom / Skype coaching
  •  ME, 1:1
  •  At least one hour every week for 8 weeks
  •  The chance to meet up in person!
  •  Screen-sharing walk throughs of important ideas if required
  •  A dedicated VIP email address for questions between calls
  •  Years of my knowledge, wisdom & understanding in simple language
... and my promise you will graduate with a market-ready
 idea that puts about £1000 in your bank each sale!
YES Dave - At This Price, with THAT Promise ... I Want In!

Whatever you decide - I wish you ... Adventures!
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